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Picnic in the park Pick up a take out meal, or make sandwiches. Ask him/her to meet you after work or weekend afternoon. Take blanket or chairs and have a picnic near water - even better! Great 'just getting to know you' birthday gift, they'll love it!

Write your names in the sand. You can easily make this gift. What a great surprise it would be! Go to beach or lake late in the day for best lighting. Write in the sand. Take a photo of your names in the sand such as (Jenna and Tom 4 ever) or (Owen, I love you). Take several pictures from different angles. Now have that photo made into a poster at any print shop. Very romantic, thoughtful gift. To purchase one already made with your names, click on right (A Gift Personalized).

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For animal lovers, a day at the zoo is perfect fun. Take lots of pictures of each other. For added fun, wear a sexy animal print accessory. One of these photos would make a great poster too!

Being near the water is always romantic. Take them fishing, deep sea fishing or whale watching. Great fun! This will create a lasting memory. Take lots of pictures too for future gifts ideas that you'll see here.

Karaoke. This one's a little out there, but for those of you who sing, it's perfect!!! Design a CD with you singing on it to your sweety. Kind of corney? So what! Think of what it will mean to them. This is one of the best romantic meaningful gifts ever. The Karaoke channel is free to sign up. Top genres like country, rock, holiday, christian, children. Karaoke channel Cool birthday gift!

Special artwork You are going to love this one! Take a photo of a favorite spot you both love and have it made into artwork. For an unique gift of this quality, the price is very reasonable. This is a romantic meaningful gift.

******* Just for Her *******

Show you really care. Take her to mall or favorite boutique. Let her try on clothes and get your opinion. That night, ask her to wear the outfit when you take her out to dinner, dancing. This wonderful gesture shows you care and will not be forgotten any time soon!

She loves to dance. Give her ballroom dance lessons and be her partner. Very romantic. She will love it that you were so thoughtful. Are You Ready to Get Serious About Learning Ballroom Dance? Why not now!

Romantic birthday. Make her dinner at your house - complete with birthday cake and balloons! An inexpensive option.

Jewelry gifts. Always romantic. Surprise her with a beautiful diamond. We have quite a selection of diamond jewelry gifts, magnetic jewelry, body jewelry, african and nice timepieces. (Hint:) Women love jewelry! Diamond jewelry gifts here

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